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Summer Reading List

Personal Development

Summer! The one word that every Vancouverite perks up to every time they hear the word mentioned.  With exams just around the corner and the semester ending, everyone is surely looking forward to the end of the month so that they can start their summer plans. However, don’t let your brain rot away by not reading.

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Tips to Answer those Tough Interview Questions

CSI Blog

As we’re coming up to the end of the semester, most of us are thinking of looking for opportunities to work over the summer. As such, most of you are putting together your cover letter and resume, and maybe even your portfolio. Besides the research about the company, how do you prepare for those tough interview questions?

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Cover Letters: Secrets to Capturing Your Employer’s Attention

Career Services

Cover letters. The bane of everyone’s work search. A great cover letter doesn’t just happen by itself; rather, it is the result of you taking the time to do your research, and writing effective and meaningful information in a few well-worded sentences.

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Careers of Today That Didn't Exist Yesterday

CSI Blog

It is interesting how quickly the world changes, especially when it comes down career options.  As you know, the labour market is definitely different today than it was ten years ago. Some careers have disappeared while others have surfaced. You have probably come across a new job title and wondered to yourself: “What on earth is that?” and “How do I get that job?” 

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Your Unpredictable Future: Where is Your Career Heading?

Career Exploration

When it comes to your career, predicting, planning or trying to figure out what you’ll be doing in the future is well…almost impossible. Did you know that 70% of post-secondary students revealed their career choices were significantly influenced by an unplanned event (Krumboltz and Levin, 2004)?

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Backpack to Briefcase Recap: How to Leverage Your Online Presence to Land a Job

Professional Development

When it comes looking for work today, the rules of engagement in this modern job-finding battle have changed. Gone are the days of simply dropping off your resume at the organizations you want to work for. Employers now have the power and omnipotent ability to shortlist applicants simply by searching for your name online.

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Canada Summer Work Programs

Life Experience

What are your plans for the summer SFU? Taking summer school or flying home for the summer?  You’re doing neither? Well, why not apply for a summer work program, offered by the Federal Government of Canada. The Federal Student Work Experience Program (FSWEP), provides full-time students with valuable work experience related to their field of study. If you have always wanted to gain relevant work experience that can be transferrable to future jobs, this is the place to start. 

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Use Social Media to find a Job: Attend our Backpack to Briefcase Conference

CSI Blog

Ever wondered what to do after graduation? How can you prepare yourself now for the “unknown” after you walk that stage? Don’t worry, these are questions that are asked by everyone during their university journey.

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Looking for a Future Career? Come to the miniBIG Fair!

Work Search

As the spring semester is coming to an end, it’s time to start planning your summer. Are you wondering what to do?  Do you wanting to do something different this summer?  Don't know where to start?  Career Services’s miniBIGFair – March 7 -- may be might be a good place to begin.

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The Indigenous Job Market

Indigenous Career Resources

Did you know that persons of aboriginal descent represent the youngest and fastest-growing segment of Canada’s population and they are currently underused in BC’s labour market? According to WorkBC, the aboriginal working-age population is expected to grow by more than 40 per cent by 2017.

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