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Diana's Creative Messes

SIAT Co-op

SIAT student Diana Luong has been crafting up a storm. Check out her latest work on her Creative Messes blog.

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If I Could Only Offer Three Pieces of Advice . . .


I would say to never give up, to really spend time tailoring the cover letter to the employer, and to apply for jobs that you may not initially like…because you never know what’s out there until you explore the opportunities!

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Johnson Zhu's video of his Co-op experience in Japan


Johnson Zhu is doing an 11-month Co-op internship as a 3D Corporate Identity Designer with Fukui Byora. This video shows off some of his wordly experience.

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Crafty SIAT resume showed on CTV


Diana Luong is a fourth year SIAT student who's HootSuite resume was shown on CTV.

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Featured projects of a Co-op Marketing & Communications Assistant

work report

Serge Khomutovskiy produced a video for his Co-op Work Term report highlighting his major projects working as the Marketing & Communications Assistant for eight months for SFU Surrey.

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How to get your SIAT project into an art gallery

Communication, Art and Technology

Have you ever dreamed of having your artwork on display in an art gallery? When I decided that this was something I wanted to accomplish a few months ago, I had no idea how soon it would become a reality.

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Paul’s journey to landing his first Co-op job


Paul Methot worked very hard for two semesters and his efforts paid off when he landed his first Co-op position with Drexel University in Philadelphia in Marketing and Design.

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