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Why Not Try a Long Term Volunteer Position?

Volunteer Services

Find out why you should persue long term volunteer opportunities! Rui has listed the benefits that these opportunities can provide for you and your career!

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When Other People Say “Thank You “ To You

Personal Development

Learn about the benefits of volunteering beyond resume experience! Rui shares her personal experience getting value from volunteer opportunities.

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How to Promote Cross-Cultural Experiences in Your Resume


Rui dishes about how volunteering can beef up your resume and give you a cross cultural edge! Read on for great tips and resources. 

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Why Not Become an Event Photographer?

Professional Development

Rui tells the advantages of volunteering as an event photographer that you may not have thought of! Read on to find out why you should take that position event if you don't think it would advance your career!

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Volunteer as a receptionist for Kiwassa Neighbourhood House


Rui Gives some insight about her volunteer experience at Kiwassa Neighbourhood House and how it helped her improve her English. Read on to find out her personal experience and how it can help you too!

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Why Are There No Volunteer Positions for Chinese Teachers?


Rui brings up a thought-provoking point; why are there no volunteer positions for Chinese teachers? Read on to find out her thoughts on why this area deserves some attention!

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It Is Time For Us To Prove Ourselves!

Life Experience

Rui offers her suggestions as to why volunteering is beneficial for International Students. She talks about how volunteering is helpful if you are learning to speak English and recommends some organizations. Read on to find out more!

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Volunteer Experience in Roedde's House Museum


Learn about Rui's volunteer experience with the Roedde's House museum. Here she learned a great deal about history, customer service and even a mystery! 

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Light and Love Home: Seniors Have a Great Passion to Learn about Computers


Hear all about Rui's experience teaching seniors how to use the computer! She details her volunteer opportunity with the Love and Learn Home and how it was not as easy as she first thought!

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