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Learn all about the TEDxChange 2013 conference that is delving into the ideology of "positive disruptions." Read on to find out more on TedxChange!

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The Now World Wide Problem: AIDS


Selva talks about world AIDS day and the importance of learning about AIDS. Read on to learn a little bit about AIDS and find out why raising awareness is crucial. Also find out how you can help, especially in your community. 

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Volunteer with Canadian Blood Services

Civic Engagement

Looking for a way to give back to your community this holiday season?  Check out Selva's article on how to give in a big way through Canadian Blood Services!

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Back Again


So, here we go, the start to a new year, fall 2012. The scent of sharpened pencils and caffeine in the air is almost tangible. Yet, even though we are all sleep-deprived and stressed after merely a week of school, it’s the fall semester. The big one really.

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