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Working with SFPIRG


Tsatia Adzich recently became a board memeber for SFPIRG, the Simon Fraser Public Interest Research Group. She shares how it's opened up a new community for her, and how they relate to her work with Indigenous communities.

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Anti-Fracking Protests

Indigenous Community Stories

I write this in the aftermath of the explosive media wave that happened on Thursday October 17th, where I sat glued to my computer in shock at what was taking place across the country with my brothers and sisters. This peaceful blockade, set up as an example of unwavering Indigenous determination to protect our traditional territories and way of life, was under attack. My entire world was shattering, and I didn’t know what to do about it.

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Metis Nation of British Columbia Annual General Meeting

Indigenous Community Stories

On the 28th of September 2013, myself, Laura Forsythe and Loryn Blower all attended the Metis Nation of British Columbia Annual General Meeting in Richmond BC. It was a beautiful venue, small and intimate for the important proceedings and cultural connections that were taking place within.

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Hello SFU !

First Nations Student Association

Hi. I wanted to introduce myself, as I'm a new contributor to the Indigenous Online Learning Community, and I wanted to tell a little bit about myself. Looking forward to becoming a part of the community.

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