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What’s YOUR cause? A Meaningful Adventure!


Want to make your next trip fun and meaningful? Sima Gerami, a future group leader for Developing World Connections, has some great ideas for you…Developing World Connections (DWC) is a non-for-profit organization that connects volunteers to developing countries where they can provide assistance and care to those in need while traveling abroad.

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Interested in Being an Entrepreneur?

CSI Blog

Venture Network (VN) is a new student-run entrepreneurs’ organization of passionate and motivated youths of all educational backgrounds who are interested in, or have begun, their entrepreneurial adventures. VN encourages and supports the development of new and existing ventures amongst its members through mentorship and collaboration.

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No Volunteers, No Elizabeth Fry


Many are familiar with Elizabeth Fry, often affiliating the name with a volunteer organization in Vancouver. But who exactly is Elizabeth Fry? And what kind of volunteer services does it provide to the community?

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A Second Term in Government: More of the Same?


Having completed my first work term for Health Canada as a Communications Officer Intern, I was eager to try something new, and the government was not where I believed that was going to happen. That is until I was offered a position at Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada...

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The Co-op Connection Helps Retention

Project Assistant

Did you know that one out of every four students will not return after their first year of university? What can we do to increase the retention of high risk students?

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Co-op Connections


From student to professional...Having worked at a high-end restaurant throughout my academic career at SFU, I first scoffed at the Co-op program since I assumed I already was making enough connections to eventually find another job upon graduation.

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Become a LEADer


You may have heard of LEAD, the Certificate in Leadership at SFU. This program is a great way to learn how to be an effective leader within the SFU community and beyond the campus borders by completing a community project that tackles and attempts to address or solve a real life problem or challenge.

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[BLOG POSTING] A web resource for off campus opportunities


For access to a variety of off campus volunteer opportunities that fit your needs and schedule, go to While SFU’s Symplicity posting system posts off campus opportunities, it focuses on volunteer positions that are connected to skill development or an academic discipline., on the otherhand, includes everything from long term opportunities to short term event volunteer positions.

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Internship: a personal voyage


I write here today on the last day of my internship at SFU Career Services, thinking back over the past six months in fond remembrance. Six months ago I didn’t know what to expect. I mean, let’s face it – I was about to commit 150+ hours out of my already full schedule to an organization for no monetary compensation.

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Opportunities for Various Faculties at the Fellburn Care Centre


Located in Burnaby, the Fellburn Care Centre is a 110 bed extended facility for residents and families. It is part of Fraser Health and offers many services, including both residential and day care for seniors.

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Health Sciences Student Profile: Mubnii Morshed


Heath Sciences offer students one of the most comprehensive and diverse programs, focusing on everything from epidemiology, molecular biology to political science anthropology. These days, there are many volunteer opportunities associated with the Health Sciences.

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The Perfect Fit


We spend over 50% of lives working. Under this circumstance, it makes perfect sense to engage in a job that makes us happy; something we are passionate about. I am sure we have all encountered the question “How do I know this is the right job for me?”

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An SFU student perspective on the Big Sisters Study Buddy program


You may have heard of them–you may even have an idea of what they do. But have you ever thought of being one? Big Sisters of BC Lower Mainland has been serving girls in one-to-one mentoring relationships since 1960, with the mission of “enhancing the confidence, self-esteem and well-being of girls through supportive friendships with caring women”. Each Big and Little Sister match gets together once a week for at least one year. 

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Advancing causes at SFU – intestinal disease awareness


Many SFU students have causes that they are passionate about. Some join clubs, some volunteer for related organizations, and others see a gap in what is out there and take initiative to further their cause. Deanna Douglas, a 4th year student at SFU, is passionate about increasing education and awareness of intestinal diseases, reducing the stigma so people can talk openly about it, and supporting other students at SFU with these diseases. This may not be a cause with a high profile or celebrity following, but it’s an important one.

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Organization Profile: SFU Pocket Farmers Market


SFU staff and volunteers are putting in hours every week to bring the SFU community a sustainable, cost-effective and healthy farmers market that is conveniently located at Cornerstone on the east side of SFU’s campus.  

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Volunteering: Is it dead?


The concept of altruism and donating one’s time selflessly in the form of volunteering has undoubtedly changed to adapt to modern times. Not surprisingly, the state of volunteering has been a topic of constant deliberation.

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How can you contribute? Connecting your skills with the community

Student Spotlight

He is a familiar face around the SFU Surrey campus–you may recognize him from banners on the SFU main page celebrating the fact that he was named Entrepreneurial Leader of the year by ACE (Advancing Canadian Entrepreneurship)and SIFE (Students in Free Enterprise), or perhaps even from the Volunteer Services ad in the Peak this week that asks “how can you contribute?”

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What’s your cause? Polar regions, climate change, cultural awareness, new immigrant


Over the course of the past semester, SFU Volunteer Services set out to learn what causes motivate SFU students to get involved in their communities–either on campus or beyond. We collected information through the ENGAGE blog and want to highlight some now in hopes of inspiring others to think about what their cause is and how they can contribute!

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Next Leader’s Network: Volunteer Vancouver


This time of year can be very bittersweet–sure, maybe you are graduating but that means the never ending job hunt is just around the corner. As many career advisors will tell you, the key to a successful job search begins and ends with networking, networking, networking. But what if corporate networking isn’t really your thing? Volunteer Vancouver has an answer.

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Education: Friends of Simon tutoring project

Company/Organization Spotlight

SFU students are at it again–lending a hand in the community, that is. Recently, the United Way of the Lower Mainland featured the Friends of Simon tutoring project on their website, highlighting a community based partnership between them and Simon Fraser University’s Education department.

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