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Diversify Yourself While You Can

Co-operative Education

Scott completed five Co-op work terms as part of his Engineering education. Read how he bounced between fields and reccomends that you do the same.

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Working at Teradici


Engineering student Pevisha Joshi was excited about the opportunities Co-op could hold for her, but as she soon learned, with opportunity comes a lot of hard work.With a great employer however, your work can be highly rewarded.

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Confidence Through Co-op


Software Engineering Co-op student Alex Moore writes about his final Co-op experience before graduation, and the importance of lifelong learning.

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Shocking Developments with Exoskeletons


Engineering Science Co-op student, Brian Lew shares his electrifying experience at MENVRA lab where he works on FES-exoskeletal systems. It's no Ironman, but it's pretty cool nonetheless.

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Manufacturing with a Huge Multicultural “Family” Company

Creation Technologies

Brendon shares his Co-op experiences as an Engineering student. He had the opportunity to first work for small, local companies, before branching out in his third Co-op term, working for Creation Technologies, a multinational manufacturing company.

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