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An Infusion of Perspective - My Days At Oracle Labs, Vancouver

Co-operative Education

Why working in the industry is really valuable to grad students - my six months at Oracle Labs, Vancouver.

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2015: A Planning Odyssey

event planning

Robert, a Computing Science student, spent his co-op as a software developer at Visier.  He went above and beyond by volunteering to plan fun social events for the company, which resulted in some great learning experiences.  

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Tackling an Industrial Co-op: A Few Tips on Getting Started

Mechatronic Systems Engineering [SRY]

Mechatronic Systems Engineering Student, James Wang, spent his last co-op accumulating industrial experience at Kodak.  He shares his top four tips for success when working in a company setting.

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How I Became First Author for a Research Paper During my Co-op


Daniel Paulino expected to be the intern that got coffee for the office.  He surprised everyone, especially himself, when he developed top performing software and wrote a research paper in his eight month co-op at Genome Science Centre.  Find out how he did it.

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