The Inside Scoop: Working at CGA-BC and CPABC


Jennifer Johnson is a 4th year business student concentrating in Marketing with a Corporate Social Responsibility Certificate.  She reflects on what it was like to work at CGA-BC and CPABC as a Marketing Assistant where she worked on large scale event planning.

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5 Things I Learned About Myself During My Work Term


Have you ever considered what you would say during an interview when asked the “Tell Us About Yourself” question? Courtney, a Business co-op student learned a lot about herself during her co-op and has figured out her answer.  Read her reflection and re-think your answer to the question.

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L's of TaLK


Melissa spent six months teaching English in Korea through the TaLK program.  She shares four simple steps to help students enjoy their term abroad. 

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TaLK in Korea

International Co-op

Third year Business student, Corina Inigo, shares about her co-op experience with Teach and Learn in Korea (TaLK).  She discusses what TaLK is all about and also shares personal anecdotes from her teaching experience. 

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Behind the Lens at Johnson & Johnson: Part Two

Co-operative Education

Naina had the opportunity to put her passion to work at her dream company for her 8-month co-op work term. In the final installment of a two-part series, Naina takes on new responsibilites and opportunites to grow as a marketer.

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SFU Co-op Student

Pursuing an International Co-op experience in Hong Kong with HSBC Global Banking and Markets

Co-op Reflections

Mario Fong travelled to Hong Kong to join the HSBC trainee program through International Co-op. Dropping everything to live in a new country provided him with personal and professional experiences he won't soon forget.

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OLC Volunteer Spotlight: Ray Wang


Ray is one of the many success stories of students who smoothly transitioned into full-time employees after graduation as a result of his active involvement in the SFU community and beyond. Read about why he started volunteering with the OLC and the competitive advantage he gained from his volunteer role.  

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