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What design school doesn't teach you


James shares what he learned about User Experience (UX) after his co-op placement.

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A Celebration with 1,000 BC Tech Stars

BC Technology Industry Association

In my work term with BC Technology Industry Association (BCTIA), I had the opportunity to help plan and organize the company’s biggest event of the year, and it just so happened to be BC’s biggest and longest running technology awards celebration. 

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Develop your career in Hong Kong

Co-operative Education


Consider going abroad for your co-op.  When Alan did his co-op in Hong Kong, he not only got first hand experience with a new culture but he also developed new skills.

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I’m on a (big big) boat

Teekay Corporation

The company I work for thought it was a great idea to throw me out to sea on a large vessel to test out filming at sea.  It worked out. Here’s the story.

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Fun at SAP

Co-op Reflections

Giselle Li had great experiences doing her co-op at SAP. In this article, she recorded one of her setbacks during work and how she resolved it.  She also shares what it is like to work at SAP and the events and opportunities that are available there. 

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Discovering a new campus

Co-operative Education

Puppy Therapy, Laughter Yoga, and Knitting Clubs - need I say more? After eight months of working as the Marketing and Communications Assistant with SFU Health and Counselling, I’ve been able to help plan and promote all these great programs on campus. 

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A Fish on Land: Adjusting to a Company’s Work Culture

Working Students

Nervous heart palpitations, a piercing adrenaline rush, and a case of the stutters; like many Co-op students on their first day at work, I had just been asked to present an introductory speech in front of my colleagues.

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