SFU Health Sciences Takes India! Introductions!

Co-op Reflections

Meet four adventurous SFU Health Sciences Co-op Students who travelled to India in 2010 to work in India at Destiny Reflections.

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SFU Health Sciences Takes India! Misconceived Perceptions about India

International Co-op

When I found out that I was one of four students hired for this internship/volunteer opportunity in India I was ecstatic, so unlike most people I was not modest about it and told everyone.

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SFU Health Sciences Takes India! The Liminal Moment: Our Arrival to India


I felt the thick outdoor air oozing into the airport thought the seal between the plane and the ramp. It smelt somewhat sweet. I welcomed the warmth after freezing on the plane.

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Shining Bright With BC Hydro

Career Exploration

Jennifer Maniezzo recalls her supportive and enriching learning environment at BC Hydro. Co-op opportunities at BC Hydro really allow students to spread their wings and get their feet wet in a number of areas.

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Co-op Students Help Showcase Youth Art

Co-op Reflections

Five students from Simon Fraser University’s School of Interactive Arts and Technology are spending the summer at a Surrey high school, helping turn more than 900 pieces of B.C.’s youth art into a virtual showcase.

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The Journey From Co-op to Career

Co-operative Education

Heather Sanders takes control of her learning with Citizenship and Immigration Canada. The experience I have gained with CIC has been very worthwhile, and has not only provided me with the opportunity to work in government and apply my education in a professional setting.

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Volunteer to Enrich Your Co-op Search


Offering up your time and skills for a cause you believe in can also benefit your career. There is great value in putting yourself out there, to discover what you love doing, or to expand on your skills doing what you love.

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From the Lecture Hall to the Office

Workplace Transition

Ronil Desai’s eye opening journey through his first co-op position with Teekay Shipping Corp. Attending university involves many deadlines and countless interactions with fellow students and professors, not to mention a constant effort to prepare students to succeed in the workforce......

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Constructive Consultation

BC Hydro

Denise Le recalls her time spent in Stakeholder Relations at BC Hydro. Working for a company that involves a deep level of knowledge about large-scale electricity projects has enhanced my corporate and technical writing skills.

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Leif Stroman's High-Tech Co-op Experience


Leif Stroman shares his amazing  high-tech co-op experience, working in Whistler for Recon Instruments. As the only software engineer for Recon's new Transcent goggles, he was able to influence major product decisions from start to finish (which included plenty of mid-air and mountain-top testing!)

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