Why Working for SFU Was My Best Decision


My impression of co-op was that it was supposed to be a way in which to explore the challenging world outside of school; consequently, working at my school felt comfortable, and limited. At this point, after a rewarding four months, it is impossible for me to think of my experience as limited.

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Prescribing Advice for New Communicators

Career Exploration

Shifting from academic writing to professional writing is a challenge, but it is worth seeing through. To help you master the shift from academic, to corporate writing styles, I have compiled a list of 5 important pieces of advice relevant for any budding communicator.

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5 Tips for Staying Healthy Away from Home

life away from home

When I first settled into my new scene in Calgary four months ago, I was excited: I had a place to stay, loved my workplace, found the closest Bernard Callebaut chocolatier and even had my grandma set up on Skype. Everything was great. Four weeks later, I developed Shingles.

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Transitioning into a New Co-op Job

workplace culture

Transitioning into a new workplace can be a very nerve-racking experience. Being in the customer service industry for over ten years and starting my first Co-op term in an office environment last fall, I found myself nervous and anxious, and overthinking how my first week would go. Would I be able to handle it? Would I be good at it? 

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The Triumphant Transition: Tips for the Exciting First Week

Workplace Transition

The first week is often the most stressful for students on their first, second or even sixth work term. Coming from a successful transition into the workplace on his first co-op work term at BCNET, Samuel shares some of his top tips for the first week.


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Want to Improve your Writing? Start Here


Want to improve your writing? Remember the 5 W's. Gillian Hobbs is a veteran co-op student studying Communication and shares how she transitioned her academic writing into different types of writing.

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Tips to Conquer the Professional Side of Social Media


Social Media is an increasingly large part of our everyday lives, even in the workplace. Alex shares her story of how she overcame the challenge of using social media in a professional environment and why including your social media skills on your resume is never a bad thing.

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Charting the Unknown: Technical Writing


Every semester, co-op students have access to a variety of job postings on the co-op job board. Some jobs, such as technical writing, often appear and have you wondering what that really means. Kristine was hired on as a technical writer for her last co-op term and writes about the job and what it entails.

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Why Co-op?

Life Experience

Being a co-op student was just what Andrea needed- except she didn't know it when she first began her co-op search. Read on to learn about how her co-op experience changed her perspective on seeking practical job experience while still in school and how it helped her application to Semester in Dialouge.

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Spotlight on a Loaned Representative - Averyl Bancroft


Averyl Bancroft spent her co-op workterm as a Loaned Representative,as well as one of the United Way's Care-y mascots! As part of the United Way Spotlight series she shares her experience about the Loaned Rep program taking her out of her comfort zone.

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