Student Profile: Robert Lutener. Filmmaker, Musician and Activist.


A few days before I transitioned from Vancouver to Montreal, I got the opportunity to meet 4th year political science Robert Lutener. On most days, Robert can be spotted at SFU Burnaby campus’ Highland Pub discussing university politics. However, what made me choose Mr. Lutener as an interview subject was the success that his recent documentary Up North: Conversations on the Impacts of Change has generated.

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Open Media: Engage, Educate, Empower


Open Media is a national, non-partisan, non-profit organization working to advance and support an open and innovative communications system in Canada. Their goal is to increase public awareness and educated participation in Canadian media, cultural, and telecommunication policy formation.

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Student Profile: Tanya on Her Experience With the Burnaby Art Gallery

Student Spotlight

If you’ve visited Symplicity recently, you may have noticed the volunteer opportunity being offered by the Burnaby Art Gallery.  The gallery is looking for docents –   energetic individuals interested in leading school tours of the gallery exhibitions and assisting students with creating art in a warm, supportive environment.  The position certainly caught my eye, and so I’ve asked the gallery if we could profile a former or current volunteer.

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Support Autism Awareness

Company/Organization Spotlight

Did you know that 1 in 165 children will be diagnosed with autism in Canada? This is just one of the many reasons why October is Autism Awareness Month.  It is a way to spread the word and inform people of the effects of autism and help them understand what it actually is.

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Explore the Possibilities with the Vancouver Art Gallery


The Vancouver Art Gallery has been a big part of Vancouver culture throughout the years.  It has been at the forefront of introducing both new contemporary art as well as historical works.  If you are interested in the arts or just working in a fun social environment, volunteering with the Vancouver Art Gallery would be the perfect fit.  The gallery has a wide range of opportunities available for both short-term and long-term.  There is definitely something there for everyone.

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A Festival No Longer on the Fringe

Vancouver International Fringe Festival

When the summer season is concluding and the foliage begins to turn shades of sunset and amber, we know that autumn is near and for many of us the heavy course loads return.  Before we begin to process theoretical principles and hand in poorly written essays, why not enjoy Vancouver’s annual theatrics.  The Vancouver International Fringe Festival, performing from September 9th -19th, is North America’s most internationally participated Fringe Fest and BC’s largest theatrical event. 

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Injecting Social Change


Opened September 21 2003, Vancouver InSite is North America’s first and only supervised injection facility.  Located in the heart of the Downtown East Side, the clinic supplies drug addicts with a safe, clean, and structured environment in which to inject their drugs.   The facility’s central mission is based on reducing the harms associated with injection drugs for both the users and the community.

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Domestic Dilemma


On July 26th 2010, Vancouver General Hospital (VGH) eliminated its domestic violence and counselling program. The program, established in 1992, has been increasing effective in managing and minimizing domestic abuse in the Metr-Vancouver area, helping individuals, mainly women, develop the emotional and mental tools needed to escape abusive partnerships.

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Spread the Word About Your Favourite Causes Using Crowdrise

Company/Organization Spotlight

Are you passionate about a cause but can’t find the right organization to work with?  Or maybe you just want to help your favourite charity raise some money.  If so, you can stop looking elsewhere and create your own project pages with Crowdrise.  This innovative new website allows anyone to sign up and promote their favourite causes easily and efficiently.

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Volunteer with Volunteer Burnaby

Volunteer Burnaby

For nearly forty years, Volunteer Burnaby has been enriching the lives of volunteers and citizens building community through volunteering. It functions as a primary resource for volunteer involvement in Burnaby/New Westminster and the surrounding regions by providing services in four core competencies.

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