End hunger and save the planet!

Quest Food Exchange

Want to help end hunger and reduce waste at the same time? This is exactly what Quest Food Exchange is all about! Ever since 1990, Quest Food Exchange has been collecting and redistributing non-marketable food to those in need, helping individuals and communities and protecting the environment.

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Sana Siddiqui: Volunteerism opens up endless possibilities – Part 2


She has been involved with SFU LEAD, Peer Programs and the SFU Muslim Students’ Association, just to name a few. Now, Sana Siddiqui, a Criminology student, reflects back and shares with us the invaluable academic, personal and professional skills and opportunities volunteering opened for her, read on to find out what she has to say about getting involved on campus and in the community.

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Sana Siddiqui: Volunteerism opens up endless possibilities – Part 1

Student Spotlight

What’s so great about volunteering? It’s a way for you to stay connected with other SFU students and the greater community. As well, it’s about filling in the gaps that you see in the causes that you are passionate about and furthering them. Last but not least, volunteering offers you endless opportunities for professional and personal skill development.

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End Hunger and Poverty with Meal Exchange


If you ever missed a meal when you were really hungry, you know how excruciating hunger can become. Help end hunger and poverty by volunteering your time and talent with Meal Exchange! Founded by a university student in 1993, Meal Exchange has since raised over $2 million worth of food for communities across Canada.

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Engage with SFU Surrey: the Student Ambassador Program


Various organizations from the community took over the Mezzanine at the Surrey campus as part of the SFU Volunteer & Civic Engagement Week, hosted by SFU Surrey Student Life.  This was an opportunity for students who only attended the Surrey campus

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To Apply or Not Apply?


During last month’s Volunteer & Civic Engagement Week, a lot of students came up to me and asked me this similar question: “If I saw an opportunity that I really want to apply for on Symplicity but the organization asks for volunteers that are in a different major or field, can I still apply?”

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Spread Your Love for Music with Vancouver Symphony Orchestra

Vancouver Symphony Orchestra

If you love classical and popular music and you often find yourself converting families and friends into music fanatics, becoming a student ambassador for Vancouver Symphony Orchestra (VSO) may just be the right volunteer opportunity for you…

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The Vancouver Aquarium: More than just a place to visit

Company/Organization Spotlight

I visited the Volunteer & Civic Opportunity Fair at SFU Burnaby campus last month to find out about different volunteer opportunities in and around the university. One of the guests at this year’s Volunteer and Civic Engagement Week was the beloved Vancouver Aquarium. Many people see the Aquarium as just a place to visit but there is another great way to get involved with the Aquarium…volunteering!

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What’s YOUR cause? A Meaningful Adventure!


Want to make your next trip fun and meaningful? Sima Gerami, a future group leader for Developing World Connections, has some great ideas for you…Developing World Connections (DWC) is a non-for-profit organization that connects volunteers to developing countries where they can provide assistance and care to those in need while traveling abroad.

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No Volunteers, No Elizabeth Fry

Elizabeth Fry Society

Many are familiar with Elizabeth Fry, often affiliating the name with a volunteer organization in Vancouver. But who exactly is Elizabeth Fry? And what kind of volunteer services does it provide to the community?

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