Next Leader’s Network: Volunteer Vancouver


This time of year can be very bittersweet–sure, maybe you are graduating but that means the never ending job hunt is just around the corner. As many career advisors will tell you, the key to a successful job search begins and ends with networking, networking, networking. But what if corporate networking isn’t really your thing? Volunteer Vancouver has an answer.

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Education: Friends of Simon tutoring project

Company/Organization Spotlight

SFU students are at it again–lending a hand in the community, that is. Recently, the United Way of the Lower Mainland featured the Friends of Simon tutoring project on their website, highlighting a community based partnership between them and Simon Fraser University’s Education department.

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Finding employment in the non-profit sector


Early this semester, Volunteer Services and Career Services hosted a panel on “Working in the Non-Profit Sector.” The session, featuring a variety of employees in the non-profit sector, was well attended and informative, and highlighted the interest of many SFU students to work in the non-profit sector upon graduation.

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Neat web tip for student-led social change initiatives – bring your web actions together


Students as a group are very active in their communities and society in general. They promote, advocate, volunteer, protest and on and on with goals to enact change. At SFU, this can be seen by the variety of clubs dedicated to social and environmental causes, as well as other student groups such as SFPIRG Action Groups.

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What’s YOUR cause? Health Promotion and Prevention


If you have ever heard the Health Matters radio show on SFU’s campus radio station, CJSF, you know very well who Madiha Mahmood is and what her cause is all about. As host and producer of the bi-weekly show, Madiha has the freedom to tailor her program to express her passion–to increase awareness of health promotion and prevention. A third year Health Sciences student, Madiha has always had an interest in health.

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“Volunteering is alive and well in Canada” – Metro News

Rafael Brusilow, reporting for Metro Canada in the March 2nd issue, spoke to a variety of volunteer “experts” across Canada to find out about current trends in volunteering.
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What’s YOUR cause: Marine Mammal Rehabilitation

Vancouver Aquarium

Kelsey Fonda has always had a love for the water. That’s what happens when you grow up with a tug boat captain for a father. “I am probably on a boat once a week at least” she says. “Growing up a lot of times he’d be working on something and I’d be stuck sitting there on the dock. I guess those times of contemplation by the water kind of make you think and it stuck with me.”

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