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International Spotlight: Singapore

Harper's Bazaar

Singapore is a thriving cosmopolitan society where people live harmoniously, and interaction among different races is commonly seen. The mixture of Malay, Chinese, Indian and European influences, has given way to an abundance and variety of scrumptious food that this vibrant island is widely known for. Learn how to speak 'Singlish' and enjoy the hot, tropical weather!

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Yat’s Hong Kong Adventure: Experiences to Embrace Working Internationally - Culture

Co-op Reflections

Ever wondered what it would be like to work in Hong Kong? Yat Li shares with us in this 3-part series on his experience adapting to a new culture, living arrangement and workplace culture. Also hear about his food and city adventures exploring one of the world's most densely populated areas.

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Greening your Travel Choices

environmentally-friendly travel

While it may seem daunting to move or travel to a new place and maintain a sustainable lifestyle when you don’t have personal and cultural resources at your fingertips, there are several ways that you can practice sustainability while travelling and living abroad.

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Type of Experience: 
Co-op Work Term
Organization Information
Organization Profile: 
Teach and learn in Korea, also known as the TaLK program, is a unique scholarship opportunity for undergraduates who are seeking a persona, professional and educational experience in Korea.
Experience Details
Position Title: 
After school English teacher
Responsibilites / Tasks: 
teach students english phonics and how to read and write and converse. Lesson plan and organize materials. Presentations and entering competitions and lectures.
Projects / Initiatives: 
Best after school english program and competition for essays and powerpoint's as well as video reports.
What did you learn: 
Learned that a large portion of what governs a classroom and how effective students learn and how effective you yourself can teach has a lot to do with classroom management.
Tips / Advice: 
Organize that classroom so that kids are not sitting with other kids at their level because it creates segregation. Also go through with your promises and create clear rules and punishments.

The Nuts and Bolts of International Co-op

Work Search

This is a myth buster on some of student’s misconceptions about International Co-op. Test your own knowledge with a short true and false quiz and discover the truth about International Co-op!

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SFU Health Sciences Takes India! Health Sciences Engagement Improves Lives


Five SFU students who participated in a life changing co-op experience in India are giving back. They have designed a custom-made SFU book bag and pencil case which is sewn by female survivors of human trafficking in Koltkata, India.  The students will sell their products locally and eventually North America-wide to raise funds the organization they volunteered for in India: Destiny Reflection.

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Danielle's International Co-op Journey: Hope Found in Haiti


Danielle Jeong's trip to Haiti was a self-exploring and life-changing journey. Read about her work at a local clinic and how this experience challenged herself in ways she did not think was possible, while discovering she is and finding a purpose for her studies at SFU.

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Yat’s Hong Kong Adventure: Experiences to Embrace Working Internationally - Expose Yourself

Life Experience

Ever wondered what it would be like to work in Hong Kong? Yat Li shares with us in this 3-part series on his experience adapting to new cultural and professional norms and standards. Read about how he faced and overcame these challenges for a successful international co-op placement.

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Justin Lim's Co-op Success Story: Working with the Singapore Youth Olympic Games

Singapore Youth Olympic Games

If Justin Lim could describe his international co-op experience in one word, it would be AWESOME! Read on to find out more about his unique opportunity to work with the Singapore Youth Olympic Games in Summer 2010 as a multimedia producer and his eye-opening experience working overseas.

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International Spotlight: Hong Kong

International Spotlight

Discover Hong Kong. Discover Asia's world city, where the awe-inspiring attractions are embedded with culture and history and where there is a diverse contrast between city skyscrapers and lush greenery. Labelled as a shopping haven, Hong Kong boasts one of the most unique shopping experiences in Asia! Indulge in the culinary delights and embrace the fast-paced, city-life that encompasses this dynamic city!

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