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International Students: Break Through The Wall That Blocks You!


Are you an international student that feels like there is a wall that stops you from moving forward? Are you trying to improve your language level, but feel embarrassed communicating in English? You're not the only one. But there are people who are reaching their goals. Find your inspiration and become one of them

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To Work, Or Not To Work: A Mother's Dilemma


You have recently welcomed a new baby into the world. Before you know it, you are faced with the dilemma: to work, or not to work? There is a misconception that women can be committed either to their career or to their kids, but not to both. Read on to find some factors  women consider when making this difficult decision.

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How To Handle Exam Season

Life Balance

Ever find yourself overburdened with an academic cocktail of exams and assignments to the point where you seriously consider hanging up the hat and dropping out? Read some strategies on coping with the overbearing workloads that crumble down on our heads throughout the semester.

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Learning To Say No To Opportunities

Life Balance

Scouring the internet for volunteer opportunities, I realize there are a lot out there. I make a possible schedule, trying to fit in existing commitments with new opportunities. Eventually I come to the conclusion that if I get so much as stuck in traffic my tightrope of a schedule will fall apart. With so much out there, how do you choose? When do you say no?

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Growing Industries in Canada

BC Job Trends

Here in our corner of the country, the arrival of Virgin Atlantic Airways, an 89-acre housing development to be built, and more, British Columbia seems rife with new jobs. Whether you are a recent graduate or at the start of your degree, think about your skill set and where it places you in the Canadian labour market.

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Malinda's #1 Resume Tip: Don't Sell Yourself Short!


The content of your resume should allow your reader to step into your shoes and see the value you brought to your previous employers, as this is where your potential worth as a future employee is best expressed. So do yourself a favour, and don't sell yourself short!

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Career Peers

"There are so many other opportunities at SFU that I wish I had been involved with, some of which I was not even aware." Read this student testimonial and learn what kind of opportunities there are to take advantage on and off campus and how those opportunities helped her develop her skills.

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Being a Career Peer: A Well Made Decision

Career Peers

I learned so much from this experience: Technical skills on how to improve a resume, how to deconstruct a job posting, how to prepare for an interview, and soft- skills such as being able to communicate better, prioritize engagements and actively listen.

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Alumni Profile: Chris Lo on being a Career Peer Educator

Alumni Spotlight

Oftentimes, students see volunteering and the classroom as two separate things. However, with the right planning, volunteer work can in fact enhance what you learn at university. Take Chris Lo, an SFU alumnus, as an example of someone whose volunteer experiences have been a great addition to his education.

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Networking Anxiety? Just Do It!


I wouldn’t classify myself as one of those people who can walk into a room and meet people easily. Though I’ve been making an effort to push the boundaries of my comfort zone, I’ve always been an introvert by nature. Unfortunately, as a business student, networking seems like an important skill to learn.

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