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Peeriodical: Make the Right Impression with Handshake and Email Etiquette

CSI Blog

Ever wonder what exactly makes a good impression when it comes to business? With my new job under my belt, I’ve networked and met several influential individuals.  Upon introducing myself, shaking hands and getting to know these people, I have come to realize that there is a certain business etiquette that everyone that hopes to make a good impression should know.

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Peeriodical: Transitions – A Starting Point


Transitions! Sleeping to waking, travelling from home to work and back again and switching from task to task are some of the more common every day transitions that people experience.  Most aren’t life-changing and take place on a regular basis, so we tend not to think about them when they occur.

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The Perfect Fit

Career Services

Seeking the ideal job is the goal of many people workng in today's society, but how do we find the job we are most passionate about? Here are some tips from Career Services that may help.

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Romanda Simpson: A Career Peer's Success Story

Alumni Spotlight

Romanda Simpson, an Anthropology and Sociology major, reflects back on her time as a Career Peer in the Career Services’ Career Peer Program. Read on to learn about her experiences, and for some valuable advice.

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Jacquelyn Wickham: A Career Peer's Success Story

Peer Education

At first, Jacquelyn was quite inactive when it came to connecting with SFU’s community. However, by becoming a Career Peer, she has been able to meaningfully contribute and leave her mark on campus as she convocates this June.

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Peeriodical: Find Out About Informational Interviews


There was a time when I didn’t know what informational interviews were. Little did I know that I could contact people who had positions that sounded interesting and ask about what they did! Can you imagine how shocked I was when I found out, I wondered why would anyone want to help me?

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Peeriodical: 5 Ways Working Overseas Benefits Your Career

CSI Blog

“You’re going to teach English overseas eh? Sounds cool. So what kind of ‘real’ job are you going to do when you get back?” I hadn’t planned that part yet, but my friend’s comment stung a bit and made me second guess my decision. Maybe he was right. My overseas experience would be a useless footnote in my work history.

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Peeriodical: Ever consider a mentorship program?


Have you ever felt uncertain about your career and wished you had some guidance? Especially from someone who had a successful career and who also seemed genuinely happy with what they were doing? Well these are similar questions I asked myself and one day while searching online I came across Women in Leadership.

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Peeriodical: Twitter Vs. Carrier-Pigeon

Professional Associations and Clubs

We are now the post modernists. We are slowly moving away from the target population of advertisements into the strange and illustrious world of being grown-ups, having jobs, and being self sufficient.  We are also unfortunate enough to be the “in-between” generation in terms of technology.  Our parents, while inferior in email technology, excel at verbal communication.

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Peeriodical: Parents Can Help!


So, your child got accepted into the university. Gone are the days of Meet-the-Teacher Nights, Parent-Teacher Conferences, and PAC Meetings. You probably feel a little bit lost. Or maybe relieved?  But you probably still worry: “will they succeed?” “will they have enough self-discipline to study?” “will they find a successful career after graduation?”

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