Peer Education


Community Engagement Clarifies Career Choice

Indigenous Career Journey Stories

Meet Lindsay Wainwright, 32, who has already completed her second year of medical school at UBC even though she is just graduating with her SFU B.Sc. this June. 

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A Health Peer Educator’s Journey


Angelina shares why she became a Health Peer and what benefits she was able to gain from the program, as well as what she was able to give back to the unversity community! Peer Education applications close April 7th!

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My Experience as a Learning & Writing Peer Educator

Peer Education

Rianne shares what she gained from being a Learning & Writing Peer Educator. Interested in having similar experiences? Apply to the Peer Education Program by April 7th.

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Top 5 Overlooked Volunteer Opportunities


While it may seem difficult to find experience in your field of study, there are a large portion of volunteer opportunities that are often over looked. Read on to find out what they are!


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My First Visit: Why Office Hours Matter

SFU Peer Programs

The E-Word Blog is a series that features a student perspective on SFU’s various engagement opportunities. Follow our blogger Christina as she tries all that SFU has to offer in her effort to become “truly engaged”.

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Engagement - One Opportunity at a Time!


What does it mean to be engaged at university? Christina plans to try ALL of the engagement opportunities at SFU before she graduates...and blog about it!

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Peer Education Core Training, Day 1

Peer Education

On a typical Monday morning - especially on the final week of summer vacation - one would not expect 100+ volunteers to be up and about, fully attentive and ready to learn at their first Core Training of Fall 2013.

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Welcome to the Online Learning Community Blog!

Online Learning Community

One of the ways you'll be able to keep up with what your peers are doing and also let them know what you are up to is through the Peer Programs Facebook page and the OLC (Online Learning Community) Blog. The OLC blog was created by peers late last year, led by Learning & Writing Peer Ally Chan.

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Ever-Changing Goals: A Co-op Reflection


The idea of an out-of-town 12 month co-op may have intimidated me at one point, but now looking back, I realize just how much I have gained by taking on something that I initially perceived as a challenge.

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How To Write Your Way Into Grad School

Peer Education

Do you dream of getting a masters or professional degree before joining the workforce? Unsure on where to start on that personal statement for your grad school applications? Here’s your one-stop guide to “writing your way into grad school.”

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