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Tips and Tricks for Adobe Creative Suite: Illustrator and InDesign Edition


Alex Brzezinski, a senior Communication Co-op student, knows a lot about using Adobe Creative Suite. In her last article, Alex gave us some tried and true tips for easing your way into Photoshop. This week, she tackles a few Illustrator and InDesign insider tips to simplify your design process.

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Tips and Tricks for Adobe Creative Suite: Photoshop Edition


The Adobe Creative Suite programs are amazing when you know how to use them, but can drive a person crazy when they’re trying to learn. Here are our handy tips and tricks for Adobe Creative Suite that won't show up in your Google search!

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Getting Familiar with Adobe Creative Suite

Adobe Illustrator

Within the first week of my second work term, it became apparent just how much I would be working with Adobe Illustrator. I felt I should be an expert when I was, in fact, still a beginner. How would I rise to the challenge, and become more familiar with the Adobe Suite while on the job?

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Type of Experience: 
Co-op Work Term
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Organization Information
Cannon Design
Organization Sector: 
Organization Profile: 
"Cannon Design is an Ideas Based Practice, ranked among the leading international firms in planning and design for healthcare, science & technology, education, sports & recreation, commercial, and government clients. The firm employs a staff of more than 1,000, delivering services in 17 offices throughout North America and in Shanghai and Mumbai." Cannon Design. (2012). Profile: Our Practice. Retrieved from:
Experience Details
Position Title: 
Marketing & Administrative Support
Responsibilites / Tasks: 
- Research bidding websites for Request for Proposals (RFPs), Request for Qualifications (RFQs), or Expression of Interests (EOIs). - Disseminate applicable and accurate information regarding newly found potential project pursuits to Principals and Project Managers - Assist in the development process of Project Proposals through the collection of data, text, and images through internal databases as well as Deltek CRM - Formatted corporate project proposals through Adobe InDesign - Arranged for the ordering of specialized supplies and final courier submission of documents
What did you learn: 
- Technical Skills: Adobe InDesign, CRM, Microsoft Office - Critical and detail-oriented eye for editing and writing - Importance of timeliness and urgency in a corporate setting - Proper email etiquette
Tips / Advice: 
- Be proactive, look for work before it looks for you. Ask to take on a singular project for the duration of your co-op term so as to have a tangible piece of work at the end of your practicum.
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