What I’ve Learned While Being the Boss


If you had told me in high school that I would be the leader of a non-profit organization in just a few short years, I probably would have stopped talking to you. And yet, here I am, a President at age 20.

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Volunteer Abroad with AIESEC


In her latest article, Kim gives an introduction to the international organization AIESEC. If you want to volunteer in places around the globe, read on to learn about getting involved with the AIESEC's SFU chapter!

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Owning Your Own Leadership Style

Student Development

Have you ever identified with the leadership characteristics of Donald Trump, Ellen DeGeneres or Barack Obama? Read on to discover where your leadership style falls in regards to these three influential people.


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Importance of Having a Mentor


Ever wondered what other outlets besides Co-op, internships or volunteering are out there for getting your dream job? Read on to find out how a mentor can contribute to developing your personal network and the resources available to find a mentor.

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An Interview with Lucia Vasani: AIESEC Student and BIG Fair Coordinator

Professional Associations and Clubs

AIESEC student, Lucia Vasani came to SFU to assist in planning the 2013 BIG Fair. She shares her reasons for joining AIESEC and why she thinks the annual fair is a great opportunity students should be taking advantage of.

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Volunteer Abroad This Summer With AIESEC!


AIESEC is the world’s largest student driven organization, which aims to develop young leaders of tomorrow. By running a Global Internship and Global Community Development Program, we create a positive social impact by engaging students and graduates to participate in international exchanges while developing their leadership skills.

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Discover Your Passion with AIESEC!


Michelle Molas, a recent Business Administration graduate from the Philippines, is currently on a work internship at SFU Career and Volunteer Services. She chose to go on exchange through the student-run organization AIESEC because their services were able to address most of the concerns that normally hinder students from going abroad.

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Mark Your Footsteps Around the World with AIESEC!


As university students, we always wonder, how? How can I get more out of my education? How can I get a job after graduation? How can I travel the world? How can I truly make a difference? Shia Liu, a third year computer science student from ZheJiang University in China who is currently on an international exchange at SFU, found the answers to these questions through AIESEC.

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Make a Difference with AIESEC!


Everyday, the media informs us of new global issues arising in different parts of the world. We think about how troubling the situation is for a little while and then go on with the rest of our day. In most cases, this is where the story ends.

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Student Profiles: Colleen and Iris on their AIESEC Experience

Student Spotlight

As you’ll see below, AIESEC provides many students the platform to discover and develop their leadership potential. AIESEC is completely powered by students who volunteer their time. Its Global Internship Program allows students to acquire international work experience.

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