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Having the Best Co-op Work Experiences Even During Uncertain Times

Co-op Reflections

When the COVID-19 hit, Kevin had to transition from working in person to working from home. Read on to find out what this experience was like and how Kevin was able to readjust to new working conditions. 

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The Value of Growth: Sowing the Seeds for Future Success

Computing Engineering

Growth is about constantly challenging and stretching ourselves, both personally and professionally. Through co-op, I have had the opportunity to learn and grow from my peers and mentors, truly experiencing and understanding the value of growth in the process. 

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Communication: A Key Skill for an Engineer

Workplace Success

Learn how communication is one of the most important skills to develop at work. 

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How to Survive in a Fast-Paced Office Environment

OLC Blog

Fast-paced office environments can be very stressful!  Business student Christine shares her tips on how to manage in this kind of environment, based on what she learned at Appnovation Technologies.

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