An Interview with Alley Theatre

School for Contemporary Arts

The Professional Development Coordinator at SFU's School for the Contemporary Arts interviews Daniel Arnold and Marisa Emma Smith from Alley Theatre about the company, their interest in working with students and advice for emerging artists.

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Type of Experience: 
Co-op Work Term
Organization Information
Consumer Protection BC
Organization Sector: 
Organization Profile: 
Operating as a not-for-profit corporation, Consumer Protection BC is responsible for the administration of BC consumer protection legislation as delegated to it by the provincial government. A sample of the industries that it regulates and licenses includes film classification, payday lending, travel agencies, telemarketing, and home inspection.
Experience Details
Position Title: 
Film Analyst
Responsibilites / Tasks: 
Review of various types of film Data entry and database maintenance Miscellaneous projects Administrative office tasks
What did you learn: 
During my time at Consumer Protection BC I was able to develop my task management and decision making skills.
Tips / Advice: 
My best piece of advice would be to pay close attention to detail. This is applicable not only in this position, but virtually any position.

My experience at Consumer Protection BC has been very enjoyable so far.

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