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Twitter Tuesday #OLCchat: Backpack to Briefcase

Workplace Transition

In advance of the annual Backpack to Briefcase event, we invited some of the panelists to join us for our latest #OLCchat, providing students with tips and insights on making that transition from the classroom to their career.

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Top Ten: Tips For a Successful Transition

Workplace Transition

If you've recently graduated, or are about to, the prospect of transitioning from the comfort and predictability of a student lifestyle to the dynamic unpredictability of the world of work can seem daunting.

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Introducing Carey McBeth for Backpack to Briefcase

Carey McBeth

“We are judged within the first 5 seconds of meeting someone, and I want to ensure that students make the best first impression possible so business relationships have the opportunity to develop.”  Carey McBeth hopes that students see the importance of managing their personal brand.

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