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Natalie's Co-op Blog: What to Expect during a Site Visit

Co-op Reflections

I had no idea what to expect for my first co-op site visit, did you? In this blog post, I reflect back on what happened during my first site visit, to help prepare you for what might happen at yours!

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Diary of a Marketing Co-op: Site Visit

Co-op Reflections

Time flies. Our marketing student has already been on her co-op term for over two months, which means it's time to book a meeting room, fill out some forms on goals and achievements and arrange for a site visit.

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Make the Most of your Co-op Site Visits


Your Co-op Coordinator, supervisor, and you in the same room -- time for a site visit! Co-op site visits are a time for reflection on your work term including what could be improved and what has been great so far.

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