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Give Oil and Gas a Chance: 5 Reasons to Consider the Energy Sector

Oil & Gas

Communication Co-op Student and SCOY 2014 winner, Denisa Orlandea,  never anticipated completing all 4 co-op terms in the oil and gas industry, much less considering a career in it. Here are her favorite parts of working for the Oil and Gas industry.

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Stepping in the Power Industry: Co-op with Hydro One

Technology & Innovation

Tauseef Alwaris recently changed his major from “Electronics Engineering” to “high voltage Electrical Engineering” because of his various co-ops, speaking to different people, and his educational experiences.  He reflects and shares both how and why he decided to make this change and how Hydro One helped his decision.

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The 3-Minute Co-op Competition: Day Two

BC Cancer Genome Sciences Centre

On October 7th and 8th WIL hosted SFU's first Three Minute Co-op Competition. 31 students presented on their Co-op experience, competing for cash prizes. Read a recap of the final 15 presenters.

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BEST of the BEST


In honour of BC Day, let’s take a look at the best BC organizations, employers, and individuals to find out your Best of the Best!

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A Day in the Life of an Energy Specialist

Sustainability Opportunities Week

Bernard Chan is an Energy Specialist with SFU Facilties Services, here he coordinates numerous energy efficiency and conservation projects across campus. Learn about what his typical day consists of.

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BC Hydro Power Smart: What’s the Deal with Green Careers, Anyway?

BC Hydro

The demand for qualified professionals in British Columbia’s green economy will grow by 2.6 per cent annually, establishing over 200,000 green jobs by 2020. Our goal is to build students’ skills and knowledge regarding energy efficiency & conservation which will ultimately impact their careers. You’ll be surprised how many jobs touch on sustainability that might not have the obvious “S” word in the title or even the job description.

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Shining Bright With BC Hydro

BC Hydro

Jennifer Maniezzo recalls her supportive and enriching learning environment at BC Hydro. Co-op opportunities at BC Hydro really allow students to spread their wings and get their feet wet in a number of areas.

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