Big-Data Student Applies Skills during Ericsson Co-op Placement

Co-operative Education

Yongyi Wu applies his newly acquired skills as one of the first cohorts of the Professional Master's Program in Big Data at his co-op work term with Ericsson's Research and Development Centre.

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Working in Tech for the Non-­Technical

No experience in the tech industry? Break in anyway! Communication and Economics Co-op student Terence Chu shares tips he learned firsthand as a Technical Writer for Ericsson, a multinational Swedish telecommunications corporation.
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Co-op Work Term
Organization Information
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Customer Product Information
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Ericsson is a Swedish company that specializes in making telecommunications equipment to provision communication networks in services. Ericsson has offices globally, from North America, to Europe, to Asia. The Burnaby office, however, is strictly for research and development, and develops a router used for IP networking, and a web client to manage a broadband network.

I worked as a technical writer at Ericsson for 8 months.  Essentially, my responsibilities were to produce and maintain content for the user guides of Ericsson products.  In particular, I

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