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Road to Graduation: Preparing for Informational Interviews

Road to Graduation

Natalie continues her Road to Graduation series with tips on how to prepare when a professional finally grants you an informational interview. Follow her tips and make the most of the opportunity.

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Three Steps to Getting a Job After Graduation: Step Three

2 Hour Work Search

Co-op coordinator, Caroline Wakelin explains the concept of the 20-minute job search. In part three she explains what an information interview is, and how to prepare for one.

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101 on Information Interviews: Should You Do One?

Co-operative Education

For the majority of university students nearing graduation, the question of what job and career path to pursue can be a very daunting and challenging decision to make.  But did you know informational interviews could help you make those decisions?

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Self-Directed Work Search Step 3: Informational Interviews

Informational Interview

Informational interviews are a great way for you to get an inside look into the day to day functions of a career path you want to pursue and help you to focus your self-directed work search.

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