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Twitter Tuesdays #OLCchat: Preparing for Career Fairs

Career Fair

Career Fairs can hold amazing opportunites. In advance of the upcoming BIG Fair this weeks #OLCchat talked about preparing for career fairs.

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Jump into the BIG Fair


The BIG Fair is coming to SFU. Find out what's new and how you can make the most of this huge event.

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Reflections From the BIG Fair

job fair

The annual BIG Fair at SFU  is over, but the pointers learned from the three days can be applied to any job fair. Learn what tips you can apply to your next career fair and why you shouldn't miss out on the BIG Fair next year.

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JobFest 2012: Rock Your Future

job fair

"Aboriginal youth and Indigenous students are part of a key target group for the JobFest project, with the goal being to get them excited about and engaged with their futures."

MLA Patrick Bell 
Minister of Jobs, Tourism and Innovation

Jumping into the BIG Fair

BIG Fair

There is one day left to attend SFU's BIG Fair. Not sure that any of the employers have anything to offer you? Well think again, because all you need to do is step up and ask the right questions and you can get the most of tomorrow's fair - no matter what your major is.

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