Volunteering with SFU Residence and Housing


As a person living on campus, Shayne was looking for ways to get involved with SFU and ended up finding leadership opportunities that took her from her dorm to all around Vancouver! Read about her experiences with SFU Residence and Housing!

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Creating a Great Co-op Experience: [Part 1] Introductions, Rules and Learning Objectives

Co-operative Education

The following article is the first in a three-part series on how Co-op supervisors can make the most of a Co-op experience with their student. Part one focuses on introductions and expectations.

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Student Profile: Pamela Santos on becoming an Orientation Leader


When I first met Pamela Santos at this year’s Leadership Summit, I was immediately drawn to her enthusiasm. Pamela, who is currently a third-year Business and Criminology student, introduced herself to me in an icebreaker game at the summit.

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Jen Clune: Making Connections at SFU


SFU has had to deal with the stereotype of being a “commuter” campus for years–it comes with the territory of being a University on a mountain. But take a look at the many programs offered by SFU’s Student Services departments and the countless students that partake as either volunteers or participants, and you would be hardpressed to say that SFU has no community. 

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