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Designing in Phases

Co-operative Education

Shipping a product isn’t as simple as proposing a new idea or a new design. Careful consideration is given to how a project is approached by developers, users, and other key stakeholders. Amanda shares the importance of designing in phases and the considerations she took working as a UX designer.

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Tips on Starting Your Portfolio

job hunting

“Do you have a portfolio?” When you think about the question itself, it is very simple. In form and construction, the only answer you will ever need is one of two options: yes or no. However, putting it into context changes the entire game.

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Tracy's Co-op Success Story: Implementing WIL's House of Horrors Installation into an Interactive Online Version.

Wil Fraser

On Wednesday, October 31st, the spooky haunted house returned in SFU Surrey Mezzanine. Spider webs and fiendlike masks took over the booth - what was that all about?

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