My Tech Journey Started After The www.

Tough Mudder

I am a Lefty, a techy, and as my coffee mug says, a “hawt geek”. This is what I can proudly say after finding myself through my first co-op placement. On day one, I thought I signed up for work, but what I really signed up for was a second family at Left of the Dot Media Inc. 

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Future Careers

crowdfunding specialist

While current career options at present may not always look great, there’s a lot to look forward to in the future. New fields are being developed almost every month, and new opportunities in a range of disciplines seem to be popping up fairly frequently – so what does the future hold?

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How Can You Stand Out in the Job Market with a Digital Resume?


As technology is slowly transforming the job market, the application process is slowly changing with it. Digital resumes are increasingly becoming more important, but wait…what is a digital resume? 

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What Happens to Our E-waste?


In today’s technological era, new mobile phones and laptops come out faster than we could possibly imagine, but what happens to all these old electronic junk that we throw out? Read on to find out how much electronic waste we are producing every year and what you can do to change this.

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