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Using Apps to Manage Your Time

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Digital media is everywhere in our lives, whether in the form of a computer, tablet or smartphone. We spend a lot of time on these devices, but are we using them to their full potential? I’m pretty sure the answer is no. So how can our many forms of digital media help us in managing our time?

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To Set Better Goals, Ask: Who Do You Want To Be?


Have a love-hate relationship with goal setting? Join the club! In this article, learn about an alternative approach to personal development, centered around the question, “who do you want to be?”

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Working with Grace: Work Smarter! Ready, Set, Go!

time management

Having an anxiety attack about upcoming assignments and exams? Need a few useful tips to combat those attacks? Surprisingly, managing your time may be the first step to overcoming the work and stress that are already piling up…

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Natalie's Co-op Blog: Time Management On the Job

Workplace Success

Having a difficult time completing your tasks on time at school or work? Natalie has 3 must-know time management tips to help you manage your time better and work more productively. 

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