Sustainability at SFU: Zero Waste Educators Needed


Community Engagement Coordinator Landon Hoyt answers some questions about Sustainability at SFU's new volunteer opportunity and the Zero Waste Program.

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Who are the Engagement Peers?


Whether it's handing out candy or holding one-on-one consultations with students, the Engagement Peers are always looking for new ways to get SFU students involved. Find out more about this unique volunteer opportunity through current Engagement Peer, Christina.

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Volunteering for Big Brothers as an In-School Mentor

Big Brothers

How often do you get a chance to really make a difference in someone's life? Jerry shares how you can help be there for a young person and create a positive impact in their life.

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Volunteer with the Lyre

Trisha Dulku

The President of the World Literature Student Union shares her experience volunteering with the Lyre and how you can get involved with the publication.

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David Stafford - Volunteer of the Year


During most of my time at SFU, I seldom paid much attention to the volunteer fairs. This year, however, my involvement as a Peer Engagement Educator changed that.

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Opportunity Awaits You!

transferrable skills

While I used to think university was all about good grades and finishing your degree as fast as you could, I’ve recently learned that this is not the case, and that university is more about the opportunities you can get involved in and the experience you can gain. Here are three ways to do just that!

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How Volunteering Can Help Your Professional Development

Personal Development

In return for a very minimal time commitment, getting involved with volunteer organizations, like the YWCA, can allow you to grow new and marketable skills.

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What's Possible? You'll Never Know Until You Try

Career Exploration

Potential is called potential because it is invisible until you discover it. By discover I don’t mean by observing, instead I mean by trying! Give yourself a chance to try something new and you just might discover a new you!

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Volunteer with Canadian Blood Services


Looking for a way to give back to your community this holiday season?  Check out Selva's article on how to give in a big way through Canadian Blood Services!

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Volunteering in the Aboriginal Community

Indigenous Volunteer Stories

Have you ever been curious about volunteering in the Aboriginal Community or with Aboriginal Youths? If you have, you may have found it difficult to find these types of opportunities. In this blog post, I hope to give you a few resources to help ease the difficulty of finding such a specific opportunity.

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