OLC Volunteer Spotlight: Dennis Chen

Dennis Chen

Dennis is well-known for his insightful and valuable advice on career advancement, workplace success and university life on the OLC. Hear from him about how volunteering with the OLC and in the community has helped him with his career goals and development.

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OLC Volunteer Spotlight: Ray Wang

Life Experience

Ray is one of the many success stories of students who smoothly transitioned into full-time employees after graduation as a result of his active involvement in the SFU community and beyond. Read about why he started volunteering with the OLC and the competitive advantage he gained from his volunteer role.  

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OLC Volunteer Spotlight: Jason Yeh

Student Spotlight

Feeling down and frustrated with something in your life? This is where Jason and his motivational blogs come in on the OLC, to help you get through your day. Meet Jason and hear what inspired him to write for the community.

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OLC Volunteer Spotlight: Natalie Pope

Student Spotlight

Blogging about her co-op journey from her very first job interview and offer to her current work placement, Natalie has shared countless valuable insights and stories with the OLC about her job search and workplace success. Meet Natalie and read all about her volunteer experience and why she recommends working with the OLC.

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Writer's Corner


The go-to place for volunteer writers for all the resources you’ll need for writing for the OLC.

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