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Diary of a Marketing Co-op: Work Found Me

Co-operative Education

Part two of the Diary of a Marketing Co-op series looks at the adjustments our marketing co-op went through as she suddenly found herself going full speed ahead, and the learning curve suddenly went vertical.

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Co-op Australia: Working for YMCA and Health by Design


Wondering what it's like to work on the other side of the hemisphere? Stephanie Hendy shares with us her international co-op experience working as a health and fitness instructor and personal trainer in Australia.

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Barbados: A Day in the Life of an Audit Intern


Business Student Lee Wu spent his Co-op work term as an audit intern in beautiful Barbados. Read about his experiences - both in the office and on the beach.

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A Life-changing Co-op Experience in East Borneo


In spring 2011, Indah relocated to East Borneo to work as a translator and tutor. After returning from her trip, she reflects on her life-changing experience and lessons she learned while she was working there.

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Barbados: My First Impressions and the Canadian Connection

International Co-op

If you want to spend a semester travelling, but don’t want to give up your opportunities to learn, then a co-op placement in Barbados could meet both of your aims. Learn how Lee Wu spent his Co-op semester as an audit intern abroad.

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Government Workers, They’re Just Like Us: Joining the team at Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada


My expectations going into my first co-op term with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) were high and, thankfully, the experience has been more than I could have asked for.

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Isabel's Bolivia Adventure: An Irreplaceable International Experience (Part 2)


The second installment of Isabel's international co-op adventure working with ICO (Instituto de Capacitacion del Oriente) in Bolivia.                                             

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Isabel's Bolivia Adventure: An Irreplaceable International Experience (Part 1)

Isabel Bodrogi

Since its launch in 2005, the Students for Development (SFD) program has been supporting Canadian university students' participation in internships in developing countries and emerging economies. Isabel went on the SFD program in Summer 2011 where she worked with ICO (Instituto de Capacitacion del Oriente) in Bolivia.

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SFU Health Sciences Takes India! Lunch Time Bonding

Co-operative Education

Already three months has passed since we arrived in India. The four of us constantly talk amongst ourselves how we have become expert travelers. We no longer freak out when we have to take the train. We know how to negotiate with taxi drivers

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Life After Co-op: From Footballs to Law

Alumni Spotlight

As an SFU Co-op alumni Susan Seto is one of the many success stories of the the program. Since graduating in 2008 her co-op experience has shaped her career and changed her life.

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