Working with Grace: Master Your Career with Your Handshake

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Are you a bone crusher or a limp hand-shaker? You may ask, “Does a handshake really matter?” Well, apparently, a simple handshake can say a lot about you in the work and social settings. Read on to find out what kind of handshake you have and how to improve your handshaking skills…

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Top 10 Reasons I Won't Hire You

Co-operative Education

Ever wished you could get into the mind of an employer to find out what not to do during an interview and what might cause your résumé and cover letter to be relegated to the “not worth considering” pile? Co-op employer Shona Taner lists her Top 10 tips on how to avoid that fate.

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Dave's Diary: When You're Wrong, You're Right

Life Experience

It's not what you say that matters, but how you say it. You could be making something up on the spot, and be totally wrong on whatever it is you're talking about, but if you appear confident in what you're saying, you're more likely to be seen as right.

What exactly is confidence, and how do we get more of it?

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Why I HATE Interviews!


Hate interviews?  Find them challenging, time consuming and nerve wracking?  We do too! Some WIL staff members share their interview frustrations and invite you to share yours! Maybe we can then all get a little bit better at them.

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The Dirty Dozen Interview Questions (Part III)


Needless to say, we all want to succeed while being interviewed. Yet it seems no matter how much we prepare, we always come across at least one question that stumps us. Part Three, the final portion of our multi-part series explores the last four of the 12 most commonly asked, commonly-feared interview questions.

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Any Questions?

Career Services

When preparing for an interview, one of the most important things to come prepared for is to ask the interviewer questions. If you don't ask the interviewer will think you are not interested in the job or you did not prepare for the interview. But what kinds of questions should you ask?

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Preparation = Successful Interview!


There are many factors that make a successful interview, but by far the most important is preparation. It seems simple, but it's not necessarily easy. Preparation is not only being able to answer the standard questions, but also being able to convey  how outstanding you would be in the organization.

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Student Interview Tips from the BC Public Service


The BC Public Service is hiring! If youre considering applying for a position with the BC Public Service or have an upcoming interview with them, read on to learn about their interview tips and strategies.

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Going to an Interview Used to be so Simple


Interviews can sometimes not only be challenging but also awkward at times. Interviewers can ask you strange questions or display other unexpected behaviors, but what do you do if the interviewer refuses to shake hands during the start of the interview?

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