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Brave-Up on the OLC: Achieve Your Dreams with Randy Pausch's Last Lecture

Life Experience

With just 3 months left to live, Professor Randy Pausch of Carnegie Mellon University gave an awe-inspiring speech on the lessons cultivated throughout his life. Watch this life changing speech and start achieving your career and personal goals today.

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Brave-Up on the OLC: 9 Life Lessons You Will Never Learn In School

life lessons

Don't have a career coach or mentor? No worries! Read on to find out 9 life lessons that you will never learn in school from education revolutionary, Charles J. Sykes.

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Small Town Co-op Experience

Workplace Success

This city girl experienced small town life during her most recent work term.  Whether it was harvesting plants and herbs in the forest or learning the differences between corporate and small business, Yuliya strived to succeed!  Read on to learn more about her brave journey in small town Ontario. 

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Mentor Kids and Help Their Literacy Skills at Writer’s Exchange

Life Experience

Sabrina shows you how the Writer's Exchange could be your perfect volunteer opportunity! She gives you the scoop on the programs and volunteer positions that are available and why they'd be a great experience for you!

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Blow Your Mind: Volunteer at the PuSh International Performing Arts Festival

Life Experience

Lauren knows how to get you into an awesome performing arts festival and how to hook yourself up with some free swag there! Read on to find out more about the benefits of volunteering with the PuSh festival.

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Final Exams: Learning Through Teaching


Final exams are coming up, and many students are starting to hole up in the library. Most are familiar with studying for exams, by reading textbooks, listening to lectures, or participating in study sessions. Yet, there is another way to learn a subject, and that is to teach it. As they say, you do not know any subject well unless you are able to teach it to someone else!

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My Volunteer Experience at SFU International Services for Students


Ever wondered about volunteering with the International community with leaving the country? Find out about Karen's personal experiences volunteering for the SFU International Services for Students (ISS) and Canadian Language Cultural Studies.

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Your 101 Guide on Working Out-of Province


While it is difficult to secure a co-op or internship placement in today’s declining job market, out-of-province work experience is even harder to come by. If you are going to relocate soon or are thinking about doing an out-of-province co-op or internship, here are some must-know tips and information to help you make the transition smoothly and successfully!

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5 Must-know Tips for Successful Job Search


Finding a job after graduation is definitely a nerve-wrecking thought and thing to do. However, with some preparation and tips in advance, job searching can become less tedious. Find out how you can prepare for job searching and what you should expect during your job seeking journey!

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Black Friday & Value(s)


Today is Black Friday - the frenzied "first day" of holiday shopping following Thanksgiving day in the States. So naturally, value is on a lot of people's minds, as stores are now known to drop prices so low that shoppers have literally killed each other in an effort to save money. But it's another kind of value that motivated this article.

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