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Back to School! 5 tips on how to survive and prepare for the new semester!

Back to School

September is here, and as you are busy checking where your classes are and how much coffee you are going to buy for the next four months, it can be difficult to get back into the school routine. This is where we come in, so here is a list of useful tips and tricks to help start the year off right!

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Brave-Up on the OLC: Why Absurd And Illogical Ideas Matter

Jason's Blog

Einstein glorified human experience as the ultimate knowledge for a very good reason. From a very young age, our brain has been setting up patterns to categorize and organize our experiences. However these patterns, which create many of our societal norms, actually inhibit our creativity. This is where absurd and illogical ideas come in – yes, that person in meetings with "strange" ideas may very well be the next Einstein.

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Brave-Up on the OLC: Positive Thinking

Jason's Blog

The saying, “Everyone is a critic”, is not an incorrect statement. Criticism, judgement and negative thinking are very much a part of the qualities that allowed us to survive hundreds of years ago. However, the prevalence of these qualities are greater in our current time, but not for the same reasons. In order for us to personally progress ourselves, we must shift our negative tendency and adopt a more positive perspective.

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Paying For University: How Far Will You Go?

CSI Blog

As long as the fundamental issue of unequal access to university exists, there will continue to be students who elect to go to less than glamorous lengths to pay for school. Recently, the adult entertainment industry commented that they might look to the universities as a means to recruit exotic dancers. Where is the problem coming from, and where do we draw the line at what we would do to pay for school?

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Dave's Diary: The Best Question You Can Ask

Dave's Diary

"How did you get to be where you are?" It's such a delectable question. I think that's because it's an invitation to tell a story, and we inherently love stories. It's also a tiny risk, as the person so questioned might decline the invitation.

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Dave's Diary: Cultivating Imagination & The Distraction of Logic


Just think how easy it is for young children to answer the question, "what do you want to be when you grow up?" Most kids won't hesitate to answer, even if their responses seem unrealistic, even impossible to our imaginatively-impaired minds. Not surprisingly, the answer to that question becomes much more evasive as the natural ease and strength of our imagination fades. Is there a way to get it back?

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Dave's Diary: Not An Expert, Don't Want To Be


Have a cold? Take this medicine. Feeling sad? Take these pills. Not sure what to do with your life? Find someone to give you the answer. Anything will do, as long as it doesn't involve a significant personal investment of our own time, effort, or mental energy - after all, we've got better things to do.

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Brave-Up on the OLC: 5 Things to Tell Yourself Everyday

self esteem

Every day presents you with numerous opportunities to learn and improve yourself. Here are 5 tips to maximize every moment of your day to live your life to the fullest.

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Brave-Up on the OLC: No Dream is Easy


Do you dream about what your future life or career will look like? Are you scared that people will laugh at these dreams? Hear what Jason has to say about this and his advice on making your dreams happen.

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Brave-Up on the OLC: Fail First, Succeed Later


Are you scared of failing, whether it's applying for a school or job? Here are 3 things you should know about failures to help you succeed in life.

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