Use Social Media to Land Your Dream Job


In today's competitive market, job searching has become more and more difficult. Read on to find out how you can use social media to connect with recruiters and companies to find your dream job.

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Preparing for Career Fairs and Employer Information Sessions

Career Fair

Every year, there are multiple career fairs held at SFU. On top of that, there are lots of employers that host information sessions throughout the year. In addition to being informative and interesting, these career fairs and information sessions can be used for much more than that: they can be used to build contacts, acquire Co-op positions, and even acquire a full-time position for after graduation.

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Facebook and Your Co-op Term


The cold, hard fact is that Facebook may be putting your job at risk, and not just because you’re writing on your friends’ Walls when you should be working. This said, co-op students: please take heed of the following guidelines and maintain your all-important professional poise.

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Speed Networking: Not for the Soft-Spoken


Keep hearing that networking is the key to professional success, but unsure of how to go about doing it? The Vancouver Board of Trade's first ever Speed Networking event brought together students, mentors and representatives of the business community for 2 hours of intense contact building. Widely attended and well received, this event proved that networking can be an enjoyable affair. 

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Starting a Career in Communications with IABC

Starting a Career in Communications

Co-op student Arthur Yee explores his career path in Communications by getting involved in professional events presented by the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC).

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How to Make a Successful E-Portfolio


A student’s e-portfolio is a chance to wow employers by showcasing their creative and detailed work. To do this, there are specific elements that can make the difference between getting the right kind of attention and getting overlooked.

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Self-Directed Work Search Step 2: Start Building Your Network

Self-Directed Work Search

The second article in the “Self-Directed” series explores ways to be resourceful about your job search and begin building your professional network.

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Your Business Card: The Ultimate Networking Tool

Work Search

You have successfully defined yourself with a killer branding scheme for your personal marketing pieces, and even created a business card to complete the package. With the right situation and a little know how, your card has the potential to be the ultimate networking tool.

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Self-Directed Work Search Step 3: Informational Interviews

Career Exploration

Informational interviews are a great way for you to get an inside look into the day to day functions of a career path you want to pursue and help you to focus your self-directed work search.

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SFU Peer Programs

Have you always wondered how SFU alumni end up landing their jobs? For the first time ever, SFU Peer Programs and Career Services collaborated to bring a peer educator alumni panel to campus.

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