Networking 101: Building Relationships and Selling Yourself!

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The main benefit of networking, allows you to find jobs, meet new people, and build long lasting relationships for mutual benefit. Knowing the right people allows you to get to places that you might not be able to reach otherwise.

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Inside the Big Fair


Over the days of September 17-20 Simon Fraser University was host to its annual Big Fair event. Ranging across two campuses and with a variety of exhibitors and organizations, the Big Fair is presented by SFU Career Services and AIESEC SFU, and provides students with a direct opportunity to engage with potential employers. 

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4 days, 2 campuses, and one BIG FAIR!

Career Exploration

On September, 17-20, SFU has seen one of its most successful career, graduate, and volunteer fairs to date! It facilitated lots of engagement and interaction between 3000+ students and the over 120 organizations who participated! For those that missed out, here is a recap of the event:

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Oh, September: The Time for On Campus Recruitment!

Work Search

If you thought you are just getting the hang of the start of the semester, here is another fall semester tradition you may want to particpate in: recruitment season!

So, what is recruitment season all about? Here is our take on "On Campus Recruitment (OCR)".

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Do's and Don'ts for the Big Fair

The Big Fair

Check out this list of "do and don't" tips for the upcoming SFU Big Fair!

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Tips On Preparing For The Big Fair 2012


Keep an eye out on this post for some great tips on how to prepare for SFU's largest on-campus career fair, the Big Fair! A new tip will be posted every few days!

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Making the Most of Your Work Term

First Weeks on the Job

Make the most of your co-op workterm by reaching out to co-workers and fellow co-op students.  Learn the best ways to connect with the people you work with and maybe make some new friends in the process.  You never know who is going to be a useful contact in the future!

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Using LinkedIn to Optimize your Online Profile

Professional Development

Let's face it, it's not uncommon nowadays to Google or Facebook search someone the second after you meet them.  Why not show employers all you have to offer through your LinkedIn profile using these four easy steps!

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Become "LinkedIn" To Online Networking

Career Exploration

Social networking websites like Facebook are becoming an increasingly popular way to keep in touch with friends and family. But did you know that there is a social utility specifically designed to help you network with co-workers and other professionals in your industry?

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Don’t Panic: Tips from Industry for Graduating Students


Are you graduating soon and are panicking about job searching in the “real world”? If so, read on to find out what some successful SFU alumni and co-op employers are saying about what grads can do to stand out.

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