Using Social Media to Build Your Online Reputation

Social Media

Trying to get that dream job? More and more employers are now using search engines such as Google to find out more about potential employees. If you’re not sure if social media is enhancing your online presence, there are some things you can do.

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Social Networking: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly


Social networking has taken our wired world by storm. While Facebook is a great way to network with others and reconnect with old friends, the use of social networking sites and availability of personal information creates a plethora of implications for personal privacy and safety.

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Dave's Diary: Networking and the Extravert Bias

Dave's Diary

Being a pretty typical introvert, one of the things that I need to put more effort into than a lot of more outgoing people is building and maintaining new relationships.  Friends, coworkers, other professional contacts, you name it - any new relationship.

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How to Prepare for the Workforce Before Graduation

Summer Opportunities Fair

How do you stand out and stay ahead of the game in today's increasingly competitive job market? Read on to learn about 4 important resources that can help you advance your career while you're still in school.

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Networking Anxiety? Just Do It!


I wouldn’t classify myself as one of those people who can walk into a room and meet people easily. Though I’ve been making an effort to push the boundaries of my comfort zone, I’ve always been an introvert by nature. Unfortunately, as a business student, networking seems like an important skill to learn.

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Indigenous Peoples' Career Stories

Aboriginal Peoples

Listen to our Panel from various walks of life introduce themselves and discuss their backgrounds, their education, the obstacles they have overcome. These Aboriginal representatives are here to answer tell their story and answer your questions.


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Summer Opportunities Fair is Coming!

Career Fairs

Join us at the Summer Opportunities Fair, where you’ll have the chance to pursue a diverse and interesting collection of each! Bring your resume in case you’re interested in applying for any opportunities on the spot! Build new contacts and expand your professional network.

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Using Google+ for Your Job Search

Google Plus

Google+ is the latest and largest  social media platform trying to compete with Facebook and Twitter. So is learning the ropes of another platform worth the effort?

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Networking: Why it's Essential to Getting Noticed


What is the fastest way to getting noticed by a company you wish to work for? Use and expand your network.


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Use Social Media to Land Your Dream Job


In today's competitive market, job searching has become more and more difficult. Read on to find out how you can use social media to connect with recruiters and companies to find your dream job.

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