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Empowerment Mindset: Motivating Indigenous Self-reliance


The First Nations Student Association is hosting an evening with best-selling author Calvin Helin on October 24th at Harbour Center. Attendance is free and open to the public.

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Happenstance: Exploring your career options

endless possibilities

Are you worried about your career path or worried that it is not following your big plan? Plans are not set in stone and can always change course. Read about happenstance and explore your vast career options!     

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Fall 2013 Twitter Tuesdays: OLC Career Chats

Professional Development

The OLC and Career Services will be hosting biweekly Twitter Career Chats. Join us every other Tuesday at 2pm, using the hashtag #OLCchat to discuss career related topics with career advisers, staff, and fellow students.

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How Volunteering Can Help Your Professional Development

Arts and Social Sciences

In return for a very minimal time commitment, getting involved with volunteer organizations, like the YWCA, can allow you to grow new and marketable skills.

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Your Work Energy Booster

Career Services

Energy drinks, energy bars… what else? Of course you don’t have to take these to boost your productivity. In this article, I am going to offer you some tips for enhancing your performance at work.

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Hot Digital Media Jobs

Personal Development

Are you interested in Digital Media? If yes, why not turn your interest into a career? There are many Digital Media career options available nowadays. You may be surprised at the careers that match your interests and relate to many of the things you want to do!

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TEDxSFU 2013: Make It Yours


TEDxSFU is back for 2013, and set to be bigger and better than ever. This years theme is "Make It Yours" and will take place on September 21st in the newly renovated SFU Theatre.

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7 Tips to Succeed at Your Summer Internship

CSI Blog

Summer is just right on the horizon. Instead of going to school or the beach, many students choose to do an internship during summer in order to gain work experience and learn new skills. So, how can you make the most out of your summer internship?

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Travel Your Career

Personal Development

Who doesn’t love travelling? Summer is just around the corner and with that comes the time to make our travel plans a reality. Have you ever thought about travelling as a way to boost your career?

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Sustainable SFU’s Local Food Program

Personal Development

Find out about all the local food programs offered by Sustainable SFU and how you can get involved! Rebekah dishes on her experience and the variety of volunteer opportunities offered.

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