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Is Volunteering on Campus a part of Campus Life?


Find out how volunteering can help you become more engaged with your University! Rebekah shares her personal experience and why you should get involved too.

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Volunteer as a docent in the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Garden


Find out the cultural experience, public speaking and tourism skills you can gain with Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Garden!

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7 Reasons Why You Should to Talk to Your Professors and TAs

Student Development

SFU academic advisors share seven reasons why they recommend all their students talk to their professors and teaching assistants - outside of lecture halls and tutorial rooms.

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What is Academic Advising?

Indigenous SFU Community Stories

Academic Advisors assist you in formulating a successful academic program that helps you translate your goals, interests, and life plans into an effective educational and SFU experience. Academic Advisors also help you understand and navigate academic program/course requirements, polices, and procedures and refer you to resources/services on campus.


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9 Keys to Success After Graduation

Professional Development

With all the hard work and perseverance over four years (or more), graduation is a joyful and special time full of recognitions and anticipations. In other words, you have to get ready to the competitive world and say goodbye to your comfort zone. 

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Volunteer Experience is Underrated


Find out how valuable volunteering really is! Rebekah shares how it can boost your resume and give you experience in areas you're weaker in!

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Go Ahead, Contradict Yourself


Life is full of contradictions, especially when emotions are taken into account - and careers for that matter. This isn't always easy to acknowledge, and it can be incredibly difficult to act on, but it's also an inescapable fact of life, and as such, of career development. So go ahead, contradict yourself.

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Mentor Your Way


Do you know what Bill Gates, Yves Saint Laurent, and Plato have in common? They all had incredible mentors. Whether you’re beginning your career journey or you are well on your way, it is always nice to have someone along for the ride who can provide you guidance, support, and wisdom.

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Volunteering as an International Student


Find out how volunteering to mentor international students can help your career! Jeff shares his experience and how it can help you!

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Work Towards Your Career, Not an Hourly Wage

Professional Development

Taking summer courses or working for the summer? Thinking about what to do during summer? Why not spend some time volunteering? You’ll be surprised about how much you can gain from a valuable volunteer experience.

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