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Volunteering as an International Student


Find out how volunteering to mentor international students can help your career! Jeff shares his experience and how it can help you!

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Work Towards Your Career, Not an Hourly Wage

Career Services

Taking summer courses or working for the summer? Thinking about what to do during summer? Why not spend some time volunteering? You’ll be surprised about how much you can gain from a valuable volunteer experience.

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Building Your Wings: Jeannette's Unforgettable Bolivian Experience

Co-operative Education

Jeannette Friesen went to Bolvia with the Students for Development program, where she worked with the Solidarity and Free Trade Movement. While there she learned about the importance of culture and came home more motivated then ever to pursue her goals in international relations.

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Summer Reading List

Personal Development

Summer! The one word that every Vancouverite perks up to every time they hear the word mentioned.  With exams just around the corner and the semester ending, everyone is surely looking forward to the end of the month so that they can start their summer plans. However, don’t let your brain rot away by not reading.

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To Set Better Goals, Ask: Who Do You Want To Be?

goal setting

Have a love-hate relationship with goal setting? Join the club! In this article, learn about an alternative approach to personal development, centered around the question, “who do you want to be?”

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Learn all about the TEDxChange 2013 conference that is delving into the ideology of "positive disruptions." Read on to find out more on TedxChange!

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Volunteer Opportunities for Industry Experience

Volunteer Services

Want to get meaningful, industry experience? Alex has tips on how you can achieve this through volunteering! Read on to get the scoop on finding the right volunteer position for your interests.

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Peer Stories: Learning and Writing Peers

Learning & Writing Peers

Read about s student's personal experience as a SFU peer! Applications are now available on

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How To Resolve Conflict In 6 Steps

Personal Development

Dealing with conflict is a crucial skill. The field of Dispute Resolution offers a variety of methods to manage and dissipate problematic issues. One popular approach is Issue-Based Problem Solving, which I discuss in this post. Read on for a simple 6-step guide to help you address emerging conflicts.

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When Other People Say “Thank You “ To You

Personal Development

Learn about the benefits of volunteering beyond resume experience! Rui shares her personal experience getting value from volunteer opportunities.

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