Why Portfolio? Inside a Portfolio Workshop


Many students struggle figuring out the best way to put a portfolio together.They commonly ask: “Which projects do I put in a portfolio?” or “I don’t know how to do HTML or CSS, how can I make an online portfolio?”

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The Perfect Portfolio


In addition to doing research aboutthe company and job role, as well as preparinggreat answers, portfolios of work andachievements are becoming an increasinglyimportant part of the interview process.

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Portfolio Building Part II


Like Indiana Jones experiencing a Co-op adventure, I’ve been collecting everything valuable from school projects to work assignments. With all the adventures I am undergoing, there should be some organization of my collections.  But how?

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Creating an e-portfolio: What Not to Do


It could be the difference between getting the job and getting overlooked – so before sending your e-portfolio off to an employer check through this list to make sure you know ‘what not to do’ when creating an e-portfolio.

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How to Make a Successful E-Portfolio

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A student’s e-portfolio is a chance to wow employers by showcasing their creative and detailed work. To do this, there are specific elements that can make the difference between getting the right kind of attention and getting overlooked.

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