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Peeriodical: Twitter Vs. Carrier-Pigeon

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We are now the post modernists. We are slowly moving away from the target population of advertisements into the strange and illustrious world of being grown-ups, having jobs, and being self sufficient.  We are also unfortunate enough to be the “in-between” generation in terms of technology.  Our parents, while inferior in email technology, excel at verbal communication.

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Student Profiles: Colleen and Iris on their AIESEC Experience


As you’ll see below, AIESEC provides many students the platform to discover and develop their leadership potential. AIESEC is completely powered by students who volunteer their time. Its Global Internship Program allows students to acquire international work experience.

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Student Profile: Cheryl Tan On Her AIESEC Experience


AIESEC (pronounced “eye-sek”) is the largest student-run organization in the world. It offers students the ability to gain leadership skills by promoting its Global Internship Program.  It prides itself as the international platform for young people to explore and develop their leadership potential.

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