The BIG Fair is a BIG Opportunity


The month of September always brings about tons of fairs. Yearly favourites always pop up, including the Week of Welcome, Clubs days, Academic Options days and, of course, the BIG Fair!

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Oh, September: The Time for On Campus Recruitment!

Career Exploration

If you thought you are just getting the hang of the start of the semester, here is another fall semester tradition you may want to particpate in: recruitment season!

So, what is recruitment season all about? Here is our take on "On Campus Recruitment (OCR)".

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Welcome back to the new school year!


With a new semester means that you can turn over a fresh leaf, start new, as it is essentially a fresh start to the academic mindset. Forget whatever happened in the previous semesters; it is now time to think about the future and how to make the best of the new year, so here are some tips to get motivated and engaged!

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6 Common Mistakes University Students Make


Are you guilty of making these common mistakes many university students make? Read on to find out how you can avoid making them and improve your academic experience at SFU as well as your university and professional life.

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Help Wanted: Drupal Designers and Testers

OLC Blog

Do you have experience testing, designing or debugging Drupal platforms? Then the OLC needs your help! Gain experience and build your portfolio while helping your school.


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Why Volunteer in the Community at Large?


Laura looks into the top 10 reasons for Volunteering and explores why she chose to volunteer with the Vancouver Aquarium's Marine Mammal Rescue Center. Read more about what she discovered... 

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Indigenous Stories: Volunteering for Your Passion Can Result in Full Time Employment

Indigenous Volunteer Stories

"Not only was I gaining experience, but I was making connections to people in my field who were always looking for innovative ideas, ways to create more business, and opportunities to network beyond our respective communities."

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First Volunteering


My first volunteering experience at SFU was as an Orientation Leader. I learned a lot of valuable information about the university and about leadership, and thoroughly enjoyed myself. I can’t say the same for my first job… or my second, or third.

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Why Volunteer on Campus at SFU?

Student Spotlight

Lindsay enjoys helping people achieve their goals and this experience has allowed her to follow and achieve her passion of improving services available to Indigenous students and potentially their overall academic success. Learn more about her experiences...

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SFU Health Sciences Takes India! Health Sciences Engagement Improves Lives

International Co-op

Five SFU students who participated in a life changing co-op experience in India are giving back. They have designed a custom-made SFU book bag and pencil case which is sewn by female survivors of human trafficking in Koltkata, India.  The students will sell their products locally and eventually North America-wide to raise funds the organization they volunteered for in India: Destiny Reflection.

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