Working in the Non-Profit Sector, Part One

Liz Charyna

2011 EVENT RECAP: Five panelists came to speak to students about how they ended up with their current profession, life lessons they learned along the way, and addressed the many questions students had about the nature of the non-profit sector. Here are the stories the panelists have to share with you.

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Working in the Non-Profit Sector, Part Two: Addressing the Myths

Trina Isakson

Part 2 of our recap of the Working in the Non-Profit Sector event that took place on March 30, 2011. After sharing their educational and career experiences, the panelists addressed a variety of myths about the sector. 

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Working in the Non-Profit Sector Panel: A rewarding career path?

Rhea Kikkert

2010 EVENT RECAP: How do you acquire a successful and rewarding career? For five professionals, it was working for community organizations in the non-profit sector. The non-profit sector gave them the opportunity to contribute their professional skills, experiences and passions to advance their career while making a positive difference in their communities. Recently, they sat down with SFU students and shared their personal stories and journey to their current positions.

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Working with Grace: Volunteer for Your Career


Volunteering is one of the quickest and easiest ways to meet new people, learn new skills and advance your career. So, before you say "no" to a volunteer opportunity that you think you don't have time for, consider the learning and career possibilities it may lead you to if you said "yes".

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Volunteering for Green Organizations

Community Engagement

Green careers are in demand! Volunteer work is a good way to get your feet wet in the green sector. We offer some ideas on how you can get valuable experience in this exciting and valuable sector.

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Vancouver Police Athletic League – Engaging Youth, One Game at a Time

Biomedical Physiology and Kinesiology

The PAL is opened to all youth; however, there is a focus on kids who come from lower socioeconomic statuses or more vulnerable backgrounds. As mentioned earlier, one of the great things about PAL is that it is free of cost.

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Help this Holiday Season and Volunteer


Looking to get onto Santa’s nice list this year? Try volunteering around the holidays! There are so many events from mid-November through the end of December that require volunteer help. If you want to give back around the holidays but find your student budget doesn’t go so far, volunteering is the perfect solution.

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Mark Your Footsteps Around the World with AIESEC!


As university students, we always wonder, how? How can I get more out of my education? How can I get a job after graduation? How can I travel the world? How can I truly make a difference? Shia Liu, a third year computer science student from ZheJiang University in China who is currently on an international exchange at SFU, found the answers to these questions through AIESEC.

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Helping Out on the Hill


Each week, there are a myriad of events happening at SFU. Amid all the excitement, it is easy to forget the huge amount of effort and organization that goes into the planning and implementation. For events to be successful, they require the invaluable resource of volunteers and this is where you (yes you!) can make a difference on campus.

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Interview with Abby on the “Agape Walk”

Agape Walks

The Agape Street Ministry regularly hosts “Agape Walks”, where volunteers give candy bags to women living on the streets of Vancouver and Surrey. Below is a Q&A session with Abby, a first year SFU student who has personally undergone the “Agape Walk” and found it extremely rewarding.

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