Ode to the City of Joy: Arrival in Kolkata, India


Kali Penney had three missions when she left on her volunteer co-op to India; to survive living in a developing country for 3 months, to learn about major health issues in Kolkata, India, and to complete work that will have a continuing impact long after she has left the country. In her first article, Kali recounts her arrival in India and introduction to the local culture.

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Make a Difference This Holiday Season


There is no better time to think about helping others than during the traditional season of giving. And because many charitable organizations kick into high gear during the holidays, there is no shortage of opportunities to contribute your time and talents. So why not try volunteering this holiday season?

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Vancouver Rape Relief: Challenging Male Violence Against Women and Children


Vancouver Rape Relief and Women’s Shelter (VRRWS) operates as an independent women’s group.  This non-profit charity was founded in 1973 and, today, holds an international reputation for its excellent work for.  The VRRWS is dedicated to challenging social attitudes, laws, and institution procedures that encourage male violence against women and children.

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Diary of a Volunteer

Volunteer Services

Looking for a volunteer opportunity targeted to your desired skills and interests? Francisco Gallegos shares how he began volunteering in Diary of a Volunteer.

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A World Without Borders


Meet some SFU students who are part of Engineers Without Borders, working to bring aid to African countries. Students from all faculties are encouraged to get involved.

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Josh Pablo, Results System Tester for VANOC

SFU Alumni

Classroom, volunteer and Co-op experience led SFU Alumus Josh Pablo to an exciting and challenging position with VANOC, preparing for the 2010 Olympic Games. Read on for more about Josh’s road to 2010 and for more on volunteering for VANOC.

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Kaili Rand: A Co-op Student's Success Story


Upon graduation in June 2008, Kaili Rand had achieved the highest cumulative GPA in her faculty, maintained a balance between her schoolwork and volunteering, and has been accepted into medical school. Did I also mention she’s a Co-op student?

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Volunteering Abroad: A Success Story

Volunteer Services

Kristin Treleavin's is not an ordinary success story. Having faced difficulty finding a true calling throughout her years in school, Kristin found validation while volunteering at an orphanage in Mozambique. Today, she is Volunteer Coordinator for HOPE, an international organization that 'extends compassion to the neglected poor'. Find out about Kristin and an upcoming workshop that will prepare you for a rewarding volunteering experience.

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Volunteering For All the Right Reasons


Volunteering overseas can be a great way to see the world and gain experience. But you should be conscious of the ethical implications of your international volunteer experience. Read more here.

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Voting: Child's Play?

Elections Canada

As a democratic country, voting is our primary way as citizens to contribute to the way our country is run, and yet in the last election only 65% of Canadians turned out at the polls - part of a trend that has seen a steady decline over the last ten years. In the 18-24 demographic only 44% cast a vote! Is this a political stance against the choices available or do Canadians (especially young Canadians) just not care?

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